Our Referral Program

Ready to claim some hidden cash?
Want to earn extra money to buy that new toy you’ve always wanted? Trying to save money for that vacation you’ve been dreaming about? Looking for opportunities to bring additional revenue to the business?

Reward yourself with residual commissions or referral fees
We’ve got money burning a hole in our pocket and it could be yours. Spread the word about TelePacific and you could be putting those extra dollars toward one of your dreams. There are two ways to reap referral rewards:

Ongoing Monthly Residual: You receive a percentage of all monthly recurring charges (MRCs) and local and long distance usage for the original contract term.

One-Time Fee: You get a large percentage of the first full month bill for MRCs.

Want more information on how to turn referrals into cash? Just fill out the information below and we’ll have an account manager call and explain the details to you. No hard sell. Just opportunity knocking.