As a good Brazilian living in the USA, I had my television on TV Globo (Brazilian TV Channel) while I worked on the computer. Jo Soares was interviewing this fun, full-of-life, 80-year-old woman talking about her book, Voo Livre (Free Flight, he Story of a Woman Who Dared Face the World). Her story about escaping the sameness, reinventing her life at 49 after raising 6 kids and moving to England by herself with little money subsequently after a divorce, caught my attention. After the interview, I wanted to tell this woman how much I appreciated the sharing of her story. I immediately looked for her on Twitter, and there she was, thanking the abundance of messages and new friends.

A huge advocate of social media for business success, I am now, philosophizing about social media as an escape from the sameness in one’s personal life. Friends can be made anywhere in the world (and I mean a two-way conversational friends, not just the one way splurging of words and articles to anyone who happens to be, at the time, readily available to catch them on Twitter). Specialists or hope-to-be-specialist circles can be created around any subject of your interest, you can be the professor or the student, it’s up to you. We can go on and on about the openness and infinite connective ability of social media. One has access to science, friendship, arts,…you can grow and expand your intellect according to your dream’s roadmap.

People who are following their dreams are generally happier and more accepting of a less than perfect world around them because they see themselves as igniters of change. The fulfillment (or at least sense of fulfillment) of dreams are now more readily available without the need to completely leave your reality behind. Intellectually or socially accomplished individuals are more content and feel as they have control over at least some aspect of their lives. Yes, ideally you might want to actually travel abroad by plane, teach biology at a university campus, get your hands tired volunteering in Uganda or feel your friend’s body hugging yours, but the connections derived from social media interactions can give a glimpse good enough to satisfy many. Yes, there will always be those individuals unhappy with everything and anyone regardless of their company or surroundings (suggest an online support group 😛 ).

Social Media has been portrayed many times (and on the rise) as a culprit for matrimonial disasters. It is a dangerous zone for those willing to verify if the grass is really greener somewhere else…but for those deeply interested in its own grass, it can be a great fertilizer!