A holistic approach to leverage the power of social media marketing to grow your business.

THE PLAN: Together we examine your business objectives, marketing strategies, audience and competitive environment to create an effective social media plan.

Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Foursquare, blogs etc.. are new platforms to carry out your message and listen to your audience. gb2 Marketing has a professional team with in-depth knowledge of branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience. Because just being an expert in social media itself is not enough, we make sure that your image, goals and marketing strategy is in alignment with effective social campaigns. gb2 will help you with the why not just the how!

gb2 Marketing is your partner to start the conversation, creating customer driven plans.
gb2 Marketing specializes in small to mid-sized business.

gb2 Social Media Customized Services:

• Social Media Marketing Strategy and Implementation

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Website, Facebook and Twitter page design

• Content Creation

• Profile Development

• Online Brand Management

• Community Analysis and Engagement Planning

• In House Social Media Marketing Training

• Consumer Engagement & Posting Services

• Social Monitoring & Analytics

• Business Plans


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